Saturday, February 12, 2011

Triumph of spirit.

Often, I despair at the sorry state of America.  Wealth going to few and hardship to more and more.  A political system run by people who seem to care more about ideology than the well-being of our people. An economy that has yet to find its way back to gainful employment for all.
Then along comes Egypt.  Eighteen days of holding my breath.  Hoping against hope not to see Tiananmen Square reenacted in Cairo.  And finally, the amazing, unbelievable triumph of will and morality. 

It gives me hope, as did the election of Obama, that sometimes, the right thing will happen. 
Time will tell if this will truly be a victory for the people.  But right now, this moment, it feels very good to witness their joy.

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  1. I can only hope, like you, that this will, indeed, be a Triumph! Oh, I hope, I hope!